27. McMinnville – 2 September 2012

This race was one of the Destination Races runs. Those guys do mainly runs through various wine regions around the place — very cool! There was even wine offered on one of the aid stations during this race in the Willamette Valley of Oregon.

Spent a very good couple of days wandering around the wine country – went to Argyle wines cellar door, and visited the Evergreen Aviation Museum (which was where I had to pick up my bib number).

The run itself was on a beautiful day – round through the vineyards, past farms and hedgerows, and past farms and fields, ending in the little town of Carlton. Stopped at a small coffee shop and had some coffee after the finish, while waiting for the shuttle bus back to the start. Other than the annoying helicopter that flew over the first 6 miles of the course (very annoying Apocalypse Now sound while running through such great countryside).

The Destination Races folks doe a number of these wine country runs — hope they don’t have that damn helicopter at all of them!