21. Denver – 20 May 2012

Denver – Mile High City and now capital of another High…

This was a good race – flew in to Denver Airport, got a car and headed downtown. It was perfect weather, and the day was sunny with little wind. Had to put on the sunscreen, and glad I remembered to bring my sunglasses!

The course goes long and straight, up and down a couple of the main streets, good view of the city this way. That is one of the things I really like about running the half marathon distance – it is a  good way to see a town like a local from “ground level”.

At the end of a race, the organizers usually have some food and water, and many have a festival and entertainment. Denver was that way – but as is true with the bigger races, sometimes it can be a little too festive – busy and crowded.

After the race, I took a few days to see some of the sights in Rocky Mountain National Park, about a hour north from Denver, located in Estes Park. The park was not crowded as it was still the off-season, so it was a nice couple of days.