North Dakota

10. Fargo – 21 May 2011

Fargo — all I knew about Fargo was that movie. Weird movie, but kinda cool anyway.

This place was a surprise though — pleasant little town, a nice course that went around plenty of scenic views, and a finish at the Fargo Dome. The race has a slogan “Fargo Rocks!” — well, I wouldn’t probably go that far, but it was a nice place anyway.

I drove there from Rogers, Arkansas, through 5 states (Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota). I like to travel on the “B” roads when I can — see some of the scenery of the country on the road, and get a feel for the USA. I have driven across most of the country to run The Fifty — here’s the route I took for Fargo:

  • From Rogers, Arkansas on US 71 from to Joplin, Missouri then over to
  • US 69 through Kansas to Kansas City
  • Over to US 75 through Nebraska, with overnight stop in Omaha
  • Continued on Interstate 29 through Iowa and South Dakota then
  • Fargo