6. Miami – 30 January 2011

Miami! I love Miami!

I used to live here in the late 1980s, before heading to the UK. I loved the city — the art deco, the great Cuban restaurants, the beach.

The race was late January, but it is Florida after all, so I knew it would be good.

I flew to Miami the day before the race, picked up a rental car, and stayed overnight in South Beach. Headed to the American Airlines Arena, right near Bayside Marketplace on Biscayne Bay, for the start — early morning, still dark and then — crunch! Somehow, my rental car came into contact with another car!

With only 30 minutes or so before the race, we exchanged insurance details (the other driver was part of the Florida Attorney General’s staff, dropping off her son for the race!) — but I got to the start, ran around Miami – awesome, still a bit shaken up, but finished in the sunny South Florida morning!