25. Portland – 22 July 2012

Arrived in Portland, Maine in the early afternoon the day before the race. Perfect weather, but not a hotel room in sight! Well, there was one at a local Hilton, but it was crazy expensive. So, sat in a local pub checking hotel websites for a while, and finally at around 7pm a room opened up that I could get on points… grabbed it.

Turned out to be a disabled, smoking room. I have had to stay a couple of times in disabled rooms when hotels have sold out. It always makes me a little uncomfortable just in case there is someone who really needs the room. I always tell the front desk that I will move if one of my fellow travelers requires it.

Anyway, race day was perfect, and the scenery and run were both outstanding. Well, except for the sewage treatment plant on the route. It is a funny thing – in about a third of the races I have run, there is a route leg that goes by a sewage treatment plant!

After the race, got a coffee at a local café, and then drove back to Providence airport, with a diversion and overnight in Cape Cod. Saw a sticker on a bollard near the waterfront extolling the virtues of books… hilarious!